Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Substitute Dreamers

What did people do for recreation before television, film & music recordings became commonplace? What did the minds of children imagine before video games began to occupy so much of their thoughts with images not by their own design? Simply: how did people enter attainment, before the advent of entertainment?

Repeated exposure can make even the most surreal seem mundane. In our society, there seems to be nothing unusual about someone indulging in these forms of entertainment. Yet I'm wondering, more and more, if these activities act as distractions more often than not...distractions that diminish our engagement in, and experience of, a greater, profound reality.

Spending time staring at how fictitious people use theirs. Listening to music that often inhibits more than it inspires. Controlling characters & alter egos via virtual reality, instead of realizing one's abilities in actual reality. So many ways for someone to slip into the pit of vicarious living, or choose it over the direct, first-hand experiences which involve the entire being. 

Life is more than a classroom, and we're only cheating ourselves by cutting class and passing by copying someone else's answers.

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