Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Let Me Share a Story...

...this isn't one of mine, but it's an unusual experience I can relate to, that I seldom hear others speak of, if ever. As told by Mrs. Stephanie R:

I was living in Sydney, Australia. It was a few nights before my wedding. I had a woman staying with me who had been one of my counsellors and had been instrumental in helping me improve sufficiently to find and marry the man of my dreams. We decided to go out for dinner. We were driving along Sydney Road towards Manly, a suburb on the water. I was driving. The street was quite level and dark with houses and trees lining it.

Suddenly out of the blue my friend said a very strange, incredibly negative comment: "All men have some homosexual tendencies". I couldn't believe that she was saying such as negative thing just a few nights before my wedding. She had always been so supportive in my life. I was flabbergasted. I had to call on huge spiritual reserves to stand up to what I knew was a very suppressive comment.

I said something like "That is a very suppressive comment. There is no way Michael has any homosexual tendencies”. She didn't say anything.

We got to the top of the steep hill at the bottom of which is Manly. I could see the tennis courts lit up with lights on the left of the bottom of the hill and the lit-up shops ahead of us.
Suddenly, out of the blue, we were again driving along a level, dark street. I said "Where are we?". She said "We're driving to Manly".

I didn't know what to think. I waited. About five minutes later we again got to the top of the steep hill, at the bottom of which I could see the lights of the tennis courts on the left and the lights of the shops ahead. I said "We were just here five minutes ago".

I don't believe that I changed reality, so much as I SHIFTED INTO ANOTHER REALITY. I believe I shifted into another reality where my marriage is even better. There is probably another reality where I didn't stand up to my friend and my marriage is not as good. I believe that there are infinite realities going on at once. Each time we improve or devolve, or do certain actions, we shift into better or worse realities.

I believe that to a certain extent thought changes reality within our own reality. But I could never work out how MY thoughts could change the reality of OTHER people. I believe now that I don't - I just move into a reality where my thoughts are in alignment with the new reality.”

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