Wednesday, April 30, 2014

X-Men: Based on a True Story?

The premise behind X-Men is very well-known: genetic mutations occur within certain members of humanity, leading to the development of unique senses & abilities, or “superpowers”. Just as in most comic book fiction, society's “non-mutants” typically view these “gifted” individuals with great fear, or admiration. Most often, it's the former. This backdrop provides plenty of tension and conflict to base a series of stories around, no doubt.

Imagine for just a moment now, if this was taking place in reality. Our reality. What would you do, if you discovered YOU had a “superpower”?

Suppose this already had taken place, and has been occurring for quite some time. If there is such a thing as evolution, who's to say it can't happen to you? Perhaps you already possess some special capabilities, that largely remain untapped, and unused. What would it take for an ability to qualify as “superhuman” for you?

What if you discovered an ability to: communicate with plants, or cats... or planets? Say you could see inside the minds of others? What if you could heal people's pains...from a distance? Or with a touch? What if you could regenerate cellular tissue at will, forgoing the need to eat? Enhanced night vision. Changing the weather at will. The ability to pause, speed up, or slow down time. Reverse aging. Resistance to extreme temperatures. Reading with eyes closed shut. Elastic skin, resistant to wounds & punctures. Levitation. Manifesting solid objects from pure imagination. Would any of these qualify for you?

If so, you should know there are many people with superhuman abilities, and have been, for ages. Most of these examples – and more – have been observed and documented, in diverse locations, around the Earth. Is it possible you might have some special talents in hiding – some uncommon abilities you haven't embraced or encouraged, being unaware, or even fearful of them? What lies dormant in the wilderness of your genes? If it's true that each of us is special – and I say it is – then surely each of us contains a special something, waiting to be recognized – or two, or three, or thirteen.

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