Wednesday, April 23, 2014

X Marks the Skies

Is anyone else noticing the increasing frequency of white trails in the sky? Contrails, chemtrails – whatever you call them, they're produced by aircraft, and more & more, they're cluttering up what would otherwise be a clear blue sky. They've been relatively commonplace for years now, but it seems as if they've been cropping up more frequently recently. Do you see them where you live? If so, are they popping up more often? If not, where do you stay [so I can move there!]?

What catches my attention is not just how numerous they've become, but the shapes & patterns they've been making – specifically, imposingly large X’s. (The following photos were taken less than 3 days ago.)

What's going on here? It's almost as if someone is marking certain areas for satellite or remote targeting. Or perhaps “something” is, because with the heavy use of drones and automated machinery these days, it's very possible that these crafts may not be directly piloted by people. The details are unknown to me, but common sense suggests whatever's being done up above, is being done deliberately.

Some call the notion of chemtrails a “conspiracy theory” (not a theory if it's happening), despite increased respiratory problems, & other health abnormalities affecting many populations. Granted, other factors at work contribute to growing global health risks, but it would be naïve at best to think all these vapor trails are merely condensation wakes, when many of them spread out disproportionately wide, persisting for unusually prolonged periods.

Again, nothing in this world happens by accident. Surely those X's must be marking something... or someplace... or someones. 

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