Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Fight for our Mind

There's an ongoing war on Earth, and in Earth, that isn't physical by nature. Every day each of us finds ourselves engaged to some degree, on either side of a battle encapsulated within this unnamed, unseen, but deeply felt struggle. For those living in so-called industrialized nations especially, our fight is primarily not to survive (physical), but for our mind.

I say mind, and not minds, because while every body is given its own brain, there has always been just one mind. When we consider what the mind actually is, and what it is capable of, we will easily see why so much effort is put into controlling or manipulating it. The brain has borders, parameters – limits; there is no perimeter to the mind, except the arbitrary ones set up by thinking individuals for themselves. Illusions, in other words.

Illusions serve a purpose; without limitations, there could be no forms. And without forms, who or how could anyone learn anything? But where limitations act as prisons & detentions first and foremost, instead of practical circumferences enabling physical bodies to live and be productively, confusions & complications can occur.

What did our ancestors do to enjoy and entertain each other before today's tell-a-vision shows and video games? Careful with the distractions & smokescreens of popular media! Not saying do, or don't do, anything; just remain mindful that the fight for our mind doesn't take breaks. 

And what we have open access to, is so powerful and pure that it can only be denied to those who deny it themselves.

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