Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Calamity of Celebrity (don't go where they go; don't do as they do)

Why do we worship and admire celebrities?

Why are celebrities paid so much, to entertain?

When did entertainment rival education and agriculture as life essentials?

Do we realize the “hottest” celebrities are deliberately hand-picked and put in position?

Why are people referred to as celebrities so revered, honored, and imitated? Why are the personal lives of paid entertainers – professional storytellers – given so much attention, particularly in the USA? Further, why are they paid millions of dollars, just to entertain others? Why, if this same nation is truly “in debt” and facing economic hardships, is so much time, money, and resources ceaselessly poured into the bloated budgets of film, sports, and tv?

Why do so many look to imitate those so-called celebrities? Surely by now, most of us realize how many of the most prominent names (i.e. the overwhelming majority of mainstream actors and music artists, to give a “modest” figure) have, literally and figuratively, sold their souls, and soul'd out their sense of both collective & individual responsibility (the same in reality), for finite fame, and fleeting fortune.

I could run off a long list of big names, but that would be as productive as jotting down every number I can think of that comes after one. (And in either case, I'd soon need more than a single sheet of paper!) If some of the more na├»ve among us – and I use that term affectionately – were aware of what many of them did off-camera and behind closed doors, when the makeup isn't on, I think most would be disgusted, shocked, upset, and deeply sober, after leaving that less enticing hollywood high.

Without getting into all that messiness, let's just look at the work they do. In many cases, the media they participate in, either directly or indirectly encourages self-gratification, mental lethargy, and materialist lifestyles that are counter-productive to living a healthy, balanced life. These characteristics all go against the higher calls to consciousness so many of us are experiencing in this crucial stage of spiritual development (for not one thing known may develop, without the unknown/unseen being). Such harmful behaviors, dysfunctional imagery, and ignorant, death-glorifying portrayals reflect outdated thinking patterns & ways of life, that in reality, cannot be sustained by, or sustain, life in the long. Naturally, this only applies to those whom it applies to; but, examples are easy enough to find in mainstream tv, film and music.

At the beginning and end of each day, celebrities are just like other people. They do some good things, and some bad things. They make some wise, and some foolish, decisions. The amount of money one has accumulated, and the number of faces that recognize one's own, are never in and of themselves, a reliable indication of one's actual worth and quality. Perhaps - as people in lands across this rich globe continue to grow in awareness and accountability, and nurturing the condition of their personal communities - we will collectively see a shift in our more short-range attentions, from fictionalized depictions of life that may or may not be accurate or inspiring, towards the real leaders and healers that shine like stars as they surround us in daily living.

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