Monday, February 17, 2014

…Back to Reality.

Welcome back to "Reviewing Our Reality", where the mission remains the same: to peel back the carefully constructed coating, over the multi-tier canvas, that is our existence. By expanding our understanding, we create endless paths to more productive, fulfilling experiences. Oh reality, you indecisive beast! What is reality exactly? Is it what we think it is, or is it the fragile fabric that lays the foundation for thought to even transpire? Whatever your thoughts on the matter, thank you for taking the time to be here; I'll do my best not to waste it by taking it for granted.

Today, let's move away from trying to define reality, and instead shift to just living in it. When I say living, I mean experiencing a complete, actual, conscious immersion, in the moment that we find our self in... at any given moment, for as many given moments, as one can honestly stand. Doesn't seem like too much for one person's plate – but wait! Here's what can happen:

(a) Something “happens” to Person. (Situations are static, but reactions do vary.)
(b) Person responds positively, or negatively, to the something. (Responses are choices)
(c) Person begins thinking about – and thus, experiencing – their emotional response to the situation, NOT the situation itself! (Stay with me, please.)
(d) Unless – and until – Person ends the internal program they've put on repeat, this emotional response will continue to be relived and revisited, although the situation has long ended, and authentic, new experiences will ever seem to elude them. (This is the difference between being a positive or negative person: the positive make things happen; with the negative, things seem to always happen to them.)

Still with me? OK; let's rewind and review that in more detail. Let's say:

(a) Person is layed off from their job.
(b) Person responds negatively to the situation. (Complaints, resentments, self-pity and excuse making – i.e. victim mentality)
(c) Person may or may not hunt for another job, all the while blaming every one and every thing, except you-know-who, for what happened to them.
(d) Person might find another job eventually, but those lingering feelings have made them untrusting and extra guarded, and possibly, caused mild forms of internal trauma – the kind of cuts that don't scab up over time. As a result, fear and denial become their primary mode of operation, greatly increasing the chances of a similar event happening “to” them, as opposed to “from” them. (History repeats on the sustained beat)

STILL with me? OK; let's go back like sankofa one more time. Now say:

(a) Person is layed off from their job.
(b) Person responds positively to the situation. (Sees it as an opportunity to find, or better yet, create a more rewarding occupation... spend more time with loved ones... re-assessment of life purpose... focus on long-term personal projects, travel, or so on)
!NO (c)! Because Person has “kept it moving”, and is no more concerned with what happened back at (a), than the circumstances surrounding the first time they went to the bathroom!
!NO (d)! Because Person has transitioned from that moment to the next, making conscious decision after conscious decision, very much aware of the fact that every given moment is ripe with all possibility, and very appreciative for having sound state of health and mind. What fears or doubts such a person might experience, are fleeting and seldom plant deep; for such a person, love easily overcomes fear.

The moral of the stories? I don't know; take your pick. All I'm saying is, if there is a deeper dimension within this thing we clumsily call reality – and I say there is – seeing it with our own eyes is going to take some conscious choices, and active involvement, on our parts.

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