Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sex: Agent of Creation, or Active Captivity? (Part II)

Saturated With Sex 
As conscious beings, we have migrated from androgyny to gender. Rather than producing offspring individually, we now procreate via sexual intercourse with a single partner. It is one of the greatest observable acts of creation that we experience physically – that includes emotionally and spiritually. Yet despite its importance, how vital is the actual act itself? I ask this in the context with which it has been given in contemporary society, where we are drenched in an intense deluge of sexually charged stimuli from infancy onward. Consequently, an activity that most of us will spend less than 1% of our waking lived actually engaging in, becomes a driving force in the conscious minds of many. This hinders clarity of thinking, strains women-men relationships, and can manifest all form of sex-related addictions. 
The media - which offers a very methodically edited version of reality via television, film and other forms of entertainment - has worked alongside modern technology to exert a startlingly profound effect upon the lives of billions. Between the hormonally-imbalanced, genetically-modified foods prevalent today, and the violent mish mash of A/V popping across the TV (or as I know it affectionately, the demon box), most children are snatched out of childhood and forced into fledgling adulthood far before their time. Developing the body and its physical senses at a rate 2-3x faster than the mind and mental senses is at best, a setback, and at worst, debilitating. Add to that the challenge of signing on to the internet – where, like Cheers, everybody knows your name, or browsing history rather- it becomes all too easy for even the unintending to stumble across a site with pornographic content, sometimes in the form of obnoxiously obtrusive side ads.

Without sparking a debate on the subject at large, I feel its safe to say that as responsible parents and adults we can agree that young children should be able to do what they want to do without being exposed to imagery that they may not be ready to process. With so many single parent and teenage parent homes, who are not yet in a position to provide sufficient care or a stable home life, why allow such powerful influences the opportunity to mobilize the young prematurely towards these life-altering personal responsibilities? It doesn't help that even many adults will engage in sexual intercourse frivolously, and then act shocked when pregnancy occurs. Sometimes these adults even target young boys and girls, who often dress as provocative as club-hoppers!

This cycle of babies making babies has to end if we the majority are ever to be liberated in our own minds, and able to be self-starters not content to stop at the mediocrity assigned by media lies. Furthermore, it is vital that we move beyond purely selfish endeavors of pleasure and do our part as a benefit for the planet at large, if we choose to stay with it at least. Before that can happen, we must all individually take full responsibility for our own actions. Sex is neither good nor bad; it can be a profoundly beautiful method of communication as much as a grossly demeaning violation. With the right intent it can heal unseen wounds, or ravage the psyche. Like all things it is as you think it...

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