Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sex: Agent of Creation, or Active Captivity?


If you could control someone's thoughts, you'd have no reason to concern yourself with their actions. In any given situation, their response would be a reaction (predetermined), rather than action (conscious thought). Since direct control over another individual requires more force and a complex attention to variables, most mind manipulation occurs on the influential level. Anything that enters the mind of an individual and is detectable by the senses influences, or flows through them, to some degree. The greater the volume of “the influencer”, the more likely it is to linger and affect the individual it influences. One aspect of life that demonstrates the potential strength of this dynamic vividly is sexual activity – or, as it is in some cases, sexual captivity; I say captivity because any person, place or thing that severely compromises one's ability to act, reason and comprehend, functions as a captor preventing freedom.

Freedom means to be free from, or without; it is the physical equivalent of unbounded opportunity, and the spiritual equivalent of weightless movement. To be free in the mind is the greatest freedom of all, for in it one finds the foundation of the concepts that shape existence. In society today, something very curious has happened with the act of sex. This everyday activity is essential to civilization; however, it has been lowered from the sacred to the profane to such a degree that its intended purpose, which should be obvious and clear, has become distorted, undermined and misunderstood. As a result, the source of creation for the civilized world is at present contributing in a powerful way to its destruction.

PART II: 5/15

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