Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why You MUST Shine! (Dedicated to earth's hardest working people: Parents)

Children have always been, and will always be, at the center of civilization. Indeed, one can measure the health and stability of a nation by the state of its families. In a world brimming with time-intensive technology, saturated with information, the rift between old and new generations has reached dangerous lengths demanding immediate action before the damage becomes irreparable.

Communication and camaraderie have in many homes been overshadowed by entertainment and self-indulgence, which has sent a crippling message to our young people. Compounding to the problem is the age at which we're having children keeps getting lower and lower, for reasons too layered to examine here (if someone expresses interest, I'll gladly go into it in the near future).

Raising a child is a tremendous task no matter how mature or experienced you are; imagine how much tougher it might be when the parent is still a child themselves! Where there is a lack of a supportive mate or family structure, the added stress only strains the bond that should nurture both sides.

There is nothing wrong with having babies; it's hard to conceive of a more meaningful expression of eternal union on this earth. Mothers and fathers, I only ask that you devote the whole pyramid (mind-body-soul) to raising those babies to be strong women and men by always being the best you can be, while striving to be more. Pre-pubescent children, as they are in an acute stage of development, possess intelligence operating on a divine level. They see the things we overlook, distracted by the signs along the perimeter of our own conceptual fences; they hear the thoughts we don't speak, that we think are “safe”, though the body doesn't lie.

Every child has the potential to literally be any thing they can conceive; seemingly from the depths of nothing – the same nothing they were conceived in and raised from. In order for them to shine, we must shine. Mothers and fathers, young and old - show each child the boundlessness of life, potential and beauty by being the living example! They are wise enough to know naturally that we are them; do we still not realize that they are us as well?

Words without witness are not enough. My deepest thanks and admiration goes to every parent – some whom I am blessed to know personally – who live ever committed in the raising of their children. For those such as myself who have not received that most precious of honors at this time: we too can encourage by example!

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