Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Woman and Man: What's Opposite Sex?

It's a terrible irony that, in a time flooded with news and information, active comprehension can commonly be attained by simply cleansing ourselves of much of this excess information. Too much data can lead to mental confusion and physical paralysis; load too many programs onto a computer and watch the difference in its performance. It goes without saying our biological faculties far exceed the potential output of any machine, but that doesn't mean we are impervious to the effects of misuse and abuse. However, before we delve even deeper into more recent developments (another post for another day), let's go over information that's been in use long enough to be considered fact. Let's go over: the relationship between man and woman, as “the opposite sex”.

Let's look closely at each word of that statement. “The” points to an observable thing and its state – here it points to: “opposite sex”. “Opposite” indicates two things that are in conflict or stand distant from one another, as one thing cannot be distant from itself, and more than two share no clearly defined line or midpoint (both of which - a line and midpoint - are prerequisites to drawing a comparison). “Sex” implies gender, generation, and all things pertaining to the physical state and production of genetic material. Collectively, “the opposite sex” can be taken to mean: “a state of distant or conflicting genetic material”. From here we have “the battle of the sexes”, “men are from Mars, women are from Venus”, “no good men”, can't trust women”, and so on. This is all accepted myth, posing as fact.

Does not a woman birth both women and men? Do not men work cooperatively with women to initiate this process of birth? (Teamwork: it's how we got here!) When a woman and a man come together for this purpose, do they lie in opposition to each another (remember, opposition demands distance), or parallel to one another? Parallel implies a conjunction or synchronized pattern; in order to conceive, a man and a woman must become a single sex, not opposing forces. Our sex organs are instruments of creation, not tools of division. As the promotion and practice of homosexuality seems to be on the rise in today's society (again, another topic for a later date), it almost appears to be a symbolic representation of a deep urge in women and men NOT to merge necessarily... but to be whole. Complete. Fulfilled.

What we often fail to realize, however, is that completion was needed to even bring us into being. Thus, we are as we were since day one: complete. Attention women! - your male counterpart is not your “counter”, or your “part” - he is you. Stop limiting yourself! Listen men! - your female counterpart is neither your “counter” nor your “part” - she is you. Part denotes division; true unity is innate and how we come into being. Let's stop limiting who we are, and start recognizing our relationships reflect the quality of our love for ourselves.

Man, woman – there is only one sex, and it requires BOTH of us to be whole!

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