Wednesday, March 13, 2013


   Have you ever asked yourself why so many people are referred to as Black, despite typically possessing skin complexions favoring shades of brown instead? While it's true the b/w classifications have been employed to encourage an oppositional struggle via the concept of race (as explored in my previous post), there is a deeper meaning behind the profane. The color connotation is symbolic; black is indicative of space.

    To be “Black” is to come from a cosmic background; the black family tree finds its roots in the dark matter found throughout the galaxies containing all that we call life. When we categorize individuals and entities into groups, we are signifying a connection to something greater – perhaps something whole even (as under the current popular mode of thinking an individual is typically inclined to view themselves as a separate entity.)

    To have a “black consciousness” is not to conceive central reality within the closed-off confines of a manufactured and inherently limited world view where a division is frequently made between the one observing and the one observed.

    A black consciousness thinks and conceives within the unlimited potential of a richly expansive, all-inclusive, ever-changing, and constant universe. If you are truly black, it's not due to your skin's hue. Your complexion isn't irrelevant, or without purpose; however, what primarily acts as a protective spacesuit cannot begin to define the total you.

    To be black is to share a certain quality of consciousness and communion with all things, whether recognized or not. The planet Earth herself is a black woman and all of her offspring are black as well. We sustain her and she sustains us; each life contributes to life, as every star shares its light. Black is indeed beautiful...if beauty is the consummation of function and form. Now imagine your body as a solar system - or an entire galaxy - with all kinds of lifeforms existing therein. Your thoughts shape the destiny of your inner space...

                                                        ...create wisely, and joyfully!

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