Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Racism: What it is, isn't, and is commonly believed to be

Welcome all and thank you for spending some time with me! This “Reviewing Our Reality” series has been a long time in the making, and will prove to be an inviting place for those desiring the sharing of thoughts that promote fearless thinking, widespread healing, and total well-being. Let it be so!

We have arrived at a most marvelous stage of life's story – a stage rapidly being drawn towards exhilarating highs or extreme lows, depending on one's thinking. Is this a time of empowering excitement or crippling fright? An age for soaring to new heights or sleeping in repeats? The choice is yours, mine, and everyone's … which leads us into my first topic of review: the concept of racism. As it is a relatively recent concept that has had an undeniable effect on the minds (and thus lives) of every man woman and child on this planet, I felt this was an appropriate place to begin.

Racism is a practiced, institutionalized form of prejudice that revolves around the concept of race. What is race then?

It is: a mental construct projecting a physiologically-based state of perception and conduct onto physical reality via aggressive implementation; common side effects include self-worth dilemmas & mental imprisonment

it isn't: a natural [natural = all nature] phenomenon that encourages, supports, or relates to life as a whole

it is commonly believed to be: a reliable gauge of a person's genetic traits (intellect, beliefs, behavior) and general character, and an implicit indication of one's inherent worth as a living being.

As society has modified, so has its definition and expression of race. The USA for example has shifted externally from slavery to segregation to integration to diversity; the next sensible step would be unity but that's another discussion. We are currently in diversity-mode, and this shift has blurred our view of race. In today's world terms like British, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Chinese, Asian, Black, French, & Latino are often used as race identifiers. Is race now synonymous with all cultural, ethnic, and national identities as well as color? If so, which takes precedence in classification: complexion or culture? In either instance, how much useable information can be attained about an individual or group that is accurate?

Do you see the confusion, the glaring flaws in this line of thinking? The race notion attempts to rationalize and solidify a temporal condition of an infinite reality. There are countless physical variations of the human model, even within the limited scope of a single “race”. In addition, we cannot ignore how this idea began: with the encouraged opposition of black and white, as an excuse to subjugate most of the planet for monetary profit. By unearthing the origins of race we unearth the origins of racism as an apparatus of separation, oppression and manipulation.

Where race acts as the blueprint, racism surfaces as its structure. We tend to confuse racism with prejudice; anybody can exhibit prejudice in a variety of manners for a variety of reasons, but victims of racism are no more racist than raining water is anti-fire when putting it out. If a Nigerian woman shouts “I can't stand white people” she is clearly displaying a prejudice … but not racism. To act as a “practicing racist” one has to be in a position to possess both the power and the capacity to systematically suppress and marginalize not just a single individual, but entire populations/regions/nations, on a generational scale – with skin color posing as the ideological basis for self-justification.

Since long before the current generations began there has been an ongoing war against all things whole, organic, natural, spiritual, and cosmically-oriented. This war has been waged by a comparatively small segment of the population who view themselves as separate from other things, and adopt an antagonistic worldview that implies differences are oppositional, rather than complementary, in nature. In addition, there is the implication that in any pair of opposites, one is superior/strong/good and the other is inferior/weak/evil: enter black and white. Two colors which are reduced to figurative pawns to further an agenda that is perpetuated in part by the sleeping souls who have been misfed, miseducated, programmed and perverted via unchecked assimilation into the doctrine of race. 

This thinking seeps into every sector of daily living (from family to health to labor to religion to government to sex to education to entertainment to marketing etc) to reinforce the notion that white = good and black = bad, without exception. The closer a thing is to white the closer it is to “perfection”, and the reverse for black (a brief browsing of any English language dictionary is telling). Two colors – two expressions of perceivable light- erroneously interpreted under an idealistic frame that ignores reality in its assessments. (One aspect of that reality being that the overwhelming majority of the Earth's healthy population possesses rich amounts of melanin – the source of all pigmentation in the natural world)

To put it plainly, let's quickly recognize the difference between races and cultures. Cultural constructs typically form simultaneously with the environment that births them; in other words, they serve as an organic extension of the ecosystem that most intimately reflects and impacts self. Race is artificially inoculated into pre-existing cultures by outside agents, because if the idea of race wasn't propagated aggressively it would soon fade. Like rumors that lose steam once the gossip stops, things that are against life will perish quickly when life is no longer being invested in them, because in truth they are already dead. Let us stop giving away precious life energy to what's false by first looking within and living as one life...which is what we are!

      All good things to you.

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