Thursday, March 21, 2013

“Is it just me?” (Stranger than Fiction)

Forget the media hype of 2012; it's all about the 2-0-1-3 family. What an astounding time to be alive right? Everything ever witnessed thru popular media up to this time, from action and horror and science fiction to the controversial and the paranormal, has scarcely begun to prepare our mental emotional and spiritual bodies for what's here NOW – not what's to come. Everywhere on earth, and in every dimension of our existence it looks as if there's a call sounding off; an urge from within and around to change. Not to change soon, or to change eventually, or to learn to change, or to consider changing. A call to change... right now! Or is it just me?

Am I the only one who can't help but notice how much faster time seems to be moving – as if our collective lifetime's clock had been sped up? (If there's anything you've ever strongly desired to do and haven't, don't keep procrastinating: now's the time to see it realized) Each year seems to progress quicker than the last, and with 2013 it's reached an undeniable pace. (I don't know about you, but 24 hours just isn't enough for me anymore) What about the sizes and frequency of full moons recently? There's also this “new world weather” that's affecting the entire planet in varying degrees with only one commonality: unprecedented temperatures, storms, and precipitation. Where I currently live in Ohio, some of our days have gone through at least 3 seasons of change, repeatedly, within a span of several hours. And then we have the animals – notice anything unusual in their behavior? Maybe it's just me.

Am I the only one finding it increasingly difficult to keep things concealed - to deny what is, just to “get along”, not "make waves”, or do what you're expected to? Is anyone else finding out - more and more- only that which is true, or at least carries its scent, will nourish and satisfy... while foods cooked with lies get rapidly rejected and regurgitated? (Studies have shown that the PBT Index, or “Public Bullshit Tolerance” Index, is at a staggering all-time low) Has anyone considered the large degree of cover-ups and false agendas getting exposed around the globe? Has anyone reflected on the rising tension and instability of the population's emotional states, and the repercussions that immediately follow? Who knows; it could just be me.

Has anyone else witnessed something, or heard something, or touched something- that literally defies description? Has anybody demonstrated or observed heightened senses or abilities in themselves or others that could be classified as “super powers”? Do you know anything you have no business knowing? Are your eating patterns changing? Are your sleeping patterns changing? Are you aware of things you weren't aware of before? Are you inclined to do things that you haven't done before? Do you feel a completely self-propelled shift or transformation occurring from within you? And oh, the children! I know I'm not the only one who's noticed how exponentially intelligent and conscious most of the young people born in recent years are, and the things they know without having to be told. (Treat them well and listen good, young parents)

So is it just me? I doubt that.

All good things to you!

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